Are you considering a side hustle or looking to build something beyond your day job?

Is the word e-commerce familiar to you?

Starting an online business can be both rewarding and hard.

One of the major benefits of starting an online business or an e-commerce store is that it will take you less time and resources to start one.

Now, what we will discuss today in this article is not how to start an online business (it will be discussed in a different article) but we will talk about and answer the most crucial and turning point question in starting a business.

What product to sell in your online store?

Yes, knowing what products to sell will be crucial, as it will influence almost everything in your e-commerce store like what type of website, design, initial inventory and many more important factors that will break or make your online business.

So here at Worthview Digital, we have compiled a list of those products and we will discuss the top ones for you to decide what to sell in 2024!

The Top 4 best products to sell online in 2024

The products we'll discuss are not ranked hierarchically or in any specific order, allowing you the freedom to make your own decisions.

Skin Care products

Selling skincare products online is a smart move for several reasons. The top 3 are:

  • The beauty industry has shifted significantly to online platforms, catering to consumers who prefer the convenience of shopping from home. 
  • Skincare products appeal to a broad and diverse audience, offering a wide customer base. 
  • The visual nature of these products makes them ideal for effective online marketing, utilising engaging content and customer testimonials. 

Additionally, the global demand for skincare solutions and the ease of shipping non-perishable items contribute to the feasibility and profitability of entering the skincare market in the ever-growing field of e-commerce.

Skin Care products

Strategies for promoting skincare products:

  1. Partnering with beauty influencers to demonstrate skincare routines.
  2. Offering product samples or mini-sizes to allow customers a trial experience.
  3. Showcasing real before-and-after results from satisfied customers.


Having skin care products on the list will lead to this product, makeup.

The beauty of selling makeup lies in its universal appeal and ever-growing demand.

With a broad demographic of consumers, from makeup enthusiasts to everyday users, the market is expansive and diverse. The visual and aesthetic nature of makeup makes it exceptionally well-suited for online promotion, allowing for captivating visuals, tutorials, and engaging content.

Furthermore, the convenience of online platforms aligns seamlessly with the purchasing habits of beauty enthusiasts, fostering a thriving market that continues to redefine the beauty industry landscape.

In the virtual marketplace, makeup stands out as not just a cosmetic but as an attractive and profitable commodity.


Marketing tips for in-demand makeup products:

  • Take inspiration from cosmetics brands, leveraging social media content or if possible star endorsers/influencers.
  • Create engaging makeup tutorials to assist customers in maximising the benefits of their purchases.

Dietary supplements and vitamins

One notable advantage of supplement products lies in their accessibility for businesses of various scales.

Independent e-commerce entrepreneurs can create herbal remedies from home and showcase them on social media platforms. At the same time, major companies such as 13 Lives Supplements can capture the interest of national retailers.

Google search results reveal a significant surge in interest for queries related to vitamins and supplements. There is a noticeable increase in searches for specific supplements and generic products in particular.

Effective marketing approaches for promoting vitamins and supplements encompass:

  1. Partnering with fitness and health influencers to spotlight product benefits.
  2. Showcasing testimonials and reviews from content customers.
  3. Providing bundle deals or subscription options for regular users.


In the wine market, the focus extends beyond traditional vintage reds and renowned vineyards.

Consumers are now drawn to new and accessible offerings, including organic and natural wines, as well as bottles from undiscovered regions.

Additionally, there is a growing interest in innovative methods for researching blends and the ability to purchase wine directly from producers.

These opportunities enable entrepreneurs to establish a new business within this trending product category and where more can it has a big area for improvement and development…online.

Dietary supplements and vitamins

The short list above can serve as a stepping stone for launching or expanding your online business, yet it's just a glimpse into the mix of popular niches awaiting exploration.

Success as an e-commerce store owner or drop shipper extends beyond merely featuring trending products. It involves understanding your target audience, aligning your brand, and crafting a seamless shopping experience.

Given the rapid shifts in trends, staying vigilant in monitoring the market and being prepared to adapt is crucial.

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