The explosion of TikTok’s popularity has pushed the app into the biggest technology companies’ focus. While geopolitical issues remain heightened over data-privacy and security, technology firms can’t ignore the platform’s influence on audiences.

Google, Apple and Microsoft all have TikTok accounts, with over 8.5 million likes between the three. While Apple has more than 1.3 million fans on the platform, Google and Microsoft have 403,000 and 143,000, respectively. But unlike Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or any social platform where these companies also have a presence, TikTok is being used to showcase the brands beyond traditional advertising.

“Younger audiences are usually in ad-free environments, so where are they going to be exposed to things like Microsoft?” said Hanna Kahlert, an analyst at research and analysis company Midia Research, where she specializes in social media, cultural/consumer trends and marketing/advertising.

“It becomes a question of, ‘Where else are you going to reach these younger consumers and generate a bit of awareness?’” Kahlert said. “Technology companies are going [to TikTok] because it’s the best way to reach them.”